Mexico Streets

Chicken Mole

Delicious Taco Recipe


Sweet & Spicy Burrito


Calli Burrito

Combination of gratin shrimp, bathed in our chipotle signature cream, avocado with rice and salad


Tlahco Salad

Spring Mix salad, tangerine, mango, walnut, tomatoe, mexican cheese, cranberry & raspberry vinaigrette


Eat with your Hands

Salmon Taco


Barbacoa Taco


Chicken Chipotle Torta

Stuffed telera bread


Shrimp Dilla


Other Specialties

Veggie Taco

Spinach, squash, carrot, mushroom, mexican cheese, corn

Creamy Poblano Dilla


Sweet & Spicy Torta

Pulled Chicken Burrito

Lettuce, pico de gallo, avocado

Chicken Mole Torta


Like no other out there!!

Refried Beans 


Horchata Drink 



Cucumber Lemonade Drink 


No Meat

Mexican Squash

Poblano Pepper with Cheese and Cream